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    Default Dustless hardwood floor refinishing

    Does anyone have experience with a dustless hardwood floor refinishing service? It is described as a high speed buffing with subsequent application of a new finish coat. Because there is no sanding, there is no dust and the finish is supposed to cure in five hours. It sounds too good to be true.

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    Default Re: Dustless hardwood floor refinishing

    What your describing sounds like a "buff and coat" process. We would just scuff the surface and then put down a finish coat of polyurethane. This process has some challenges though. If the floor had any oily sections the finish may not adhere well. Products like Murphy's Oil-soap or Pledge on the floor will really mess up a finish coat of poly.

    There is a dustless refinishing process that we use which is basically the same long process of sanding the floors down to bare wood and then building the finish up in successive coats. The process take about a long as traditional wood floor refinishing, but is just less messy due to the specialized machines that capture about 95% of the dust.

    There is no real shortcut to finishing a floor. To do it right is a pain and it takes a while, but the results are totally worth it. Just don't use the bargain basement guys. They can really wreak havoc on an old floor.

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