My fiance and I have put in an offer on a home, which was accepted. We just had it inspected and were told that because our house is located in the bottom of a 'valley' (There is a house on the hill on two sides of us, and all the water runs directly towards our desired home), there is a significant amount of water damage to the pavement in front of the garage. The home is 11 years old, and there is no sign of water leakage in the basement yet; but the inspector advised us that we will need to tear up the pavement in front of the garage, re-do it and install a drain. In addition, we need to install special siding to the sides of the house to prevent any damage from pooling water.

My fiance and I have no idea what this could potentially cost us. We are planning to ask the sellers to come down a bit on their asking price to help us cover the cost of doing this (These are just two of the major issues; there are a number of other smaller things that we also have to worry about, like the deck, etc).

Does anyone have any earthly clue what ripping up pavement and installing a drain in a driveway could cost? (Even ballpark).

My fiance and I looove this home, but are seriously concerned now about it's location since our inspectors visit. It seems we will have no way to know what time could potentially do to it, and we are in New England; so there are tough winters, with a lot of freezing, etc.

Any help/advice is appreciated.