a few weeks ago the toilet in one of the bathrooms was clogged and as much as i tried it wouldn't unclog until after a few days later. Everything was fine fine and then it clogged again and was fine the next morning. This past week the tub began to drain very slowly and i saw bubbles coming out of the tub drain while also hear bubbles out of the toilet. Now the tub is still draining really slowly and when i flushed the toilet last night the water level was way too high in the bowl (did not overflow thankfully) but we can't use it. Any ideas what could be wrong a toilet shouldn't be clogging up this much in a matter of weeks. i don't have the money to get a plumber so is there a DIY solution?

Background info, this all started after the initial clog a few weeks ago and its the only bathroom with any issues. there are two other toilets that work fine and draining in the other sinks/ tubs is fine as well.