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    Unhappy Door casing vs. vanity drawers

    We recently put in a new vanity, same size as what was in the space before, but the design of the new vanity is causing a problem. If we put the door casing back up, the drawers on the right side of the vanity can only be opened a few inches (less than 6 inches).

    Changing or adjust the vanity is not an option. We are hoping that there is a different kind of door casing or something else that we can do with the casing.

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    Default Re: Door casing vs. vanity drawers

    why is moving the vanity not an option? moving it over an inch and installing a filler strip is the right way to do it. if you don't want to do that the only options i can think of are buying a new vainty that works or removing the door trim and installing a much thinner door trim. instead of using 1x, you can purchase 1/2" thick stock or rip something down smaller.

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