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    Default First time Home Buyer - Stone Foundations

    I'm starting to look for my first home and have decided on an area that consists of mostly 1920's to 1940's homes, and of course they all have stone foundations. I'm fairly experienced with concrete foundations and the problems that go along with them but I've never dealt with stone foundations.

    Basically, I'm looking for a little advice of things I should be watching for as I look through these homes and any advice that you guys have for properly maintaining a stone foundation.

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    Default Re: First time Home Buyer - Stone Foundations

    i could write for an hour here on this topic so the simple answer is to find the house you like, make an offer, get a good home inspector and he should be able to answer all your questions. if you want to buy an old home chances are you'll end up with a stone foundation. the condition of it can depend on a long long list of things most of which we can't answer without seeing it. you can have one that looks terrible and might be fine or one that looks great but can be a nightmare. the home inspector should be able to give you a good lesson in the one you choose.

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