Hi TOH community, I've grown up watching the shows with my Dad and now find myself in a situation needing advise.

I got married to a pretty great guy who moved all the way from New Mexico to Windsor Ontario (Canada). His Mom had passed on their family home to him before she passed away. It's nothing too special, just a cozy little home.

Out of great kindness he had rented the home out to some family members for free, as long as they payed the yearly taxes, which they had been keeping up. Recently they mentioned vacating the home and so we thought about selling it, since we're much too far away to maintain it. I contacted a small real estate company that has been incredibly helpful to date.

Unfortunately, over the last few weeks it's avalanched from selling an old home that needed some repairs to all the windows being broken, graffiti on the walls and lord knows what else "someone" has done in just this past two weeks.

We don't have the means to replace all the broken windows, and only just last week received a letter from the City of Roswell that they are threatening to condemn it in 10 days.

I have to admit, I'm pretty much breaking down in tears here and am feeling sick. All we wanted to do was sell this home, maybe get enough out of it to put a down payment on a home up here where we live.

We don't have a clue what to do, and could use some advice or options.