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    Default Help! 21 windows with no screens.

    Hi, I new and getting more frustrated. March 31 of 2011 my son had a fire in a house near ours which he and his father were restoring. We have to have wood windows as we are in a historic area, His house is 100 years old. The firemen knocked out about 6 windows and we decided to replace all 21 windows as they were in bad shape. We used Home Depot and they only Have Jeldwyn wood windows. We bought 21 windows, The windows had to be custom made and the screens as well as no 2 windows are the same.
    On the way to our house from HD someone put the windows on the screens smashing them. The new screens arrived long after the contractor had left. When HD agreed to install the screens we were delighted. However they were not the right screens for that type of window. So Jeldwin agreed to remake the screens and install. When Jeldwin came they told me the windows were not square I had told them many times of that problem and that HD even told the contractor to "jury rig" and use shims to make the windows fit. Jeldwin can not install because they are telling me a reproduction carpenter would been needed. Does anyone have any thoughts? The windoes and screens were 8000.00 and no one is going to want to refund that.
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