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    Question Planting a Shumard Oak Tree

    I have various types of Maple Trees in my yard in Broken Arrow, OK that were either already planted before I moved in or planted by me over the last 30 years. Between the ice storms, droughts and tornadoes, the maples have not done very well in my yard. I have been advised by an arborist that all need to come down even though some are nearly 40 years old. I am now planning on planting Shumard Oak trees. The Shumards appear to be a rapid grower, for an oak tree anyway, and are drought and wind tolerant. I do plan to water the new oaks when watering the lawn, as always.

    Are there any planting tips for Shumard Oaks in clay soil for the Tulsa area? Does anyone know if a Shumard Oak tree really is a fast grower for oaks? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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