Possible moron question:

I've got this lung/infection thing---short of breath, etc. My Dr. suggested I remove the carpets. OK, I did so in two bedrooms (which almost did me in) and the good news is that the floors are this really nice blonde oak of decent thickness. It had been previously finished.

The bad news is that there are various stains where the carpet pad ruined the finish (I can ignore the zillion random staple holes.)

In an ideal world I'd rent a sander and refinish properly. But I just can't deal with that amount of dust--not to mention moving all the furniture and so on.

So... hope against hope. Is there anything for floors kinda like "Homer Formby's" that's relatively cheap and not too gassy?

I'm not trying to win any awards. In fact, if I knew I was going to be here forever I would probably just wax it as it is, stains and all and be done with it. But I have no idea where I'll be in 3-4 years so if I do this I don't want it to look so awful that, if I had to sell it wouldn't turn off prospects. (I actually regret getting rid of the carpet because a realtor told me most people prefer a home with carpet.)

And if this is a fool's errand please let me know that as well.