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    Default Pine Floor Discoloration

    This may be a paint/fininishing question rather that flooring but....... we'll see.

    Our daughter and son-in-law have purchased a home with wonderful pine floors throughout the common areas. The problem is a common one; where there were area rugs, the floor is considerably lighter than those areas which have aged with exposure over the years. There is not a huge difference but certainly enough to notice. Being a young couple with limited financial resources refinishing the floors throughout is not an option. Might there be a way of "feathering in" a stain product, i.e a Minwax Gel stain, in the ligter areas. Any existing sealer which may be on the floor is an unknown entity; however it does not appear to be a hard-coat or high-gloss poly.

    Suggestions as to a SIMPLE way to address the problem would be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Re: Pine Floor Discoloration

    I would recommend leaving it alone!

    1. With the floor already finished, stains will not penetrate well, leaving behind a mottled result.
    2. Once some areas have been stained and others not, when you do finally have the floors refinished it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to remove said stain without significant erosion of the woods surface.
    3. The unprotected areas will continue to age and fade, while areas under furniture will not. Once again leaving behind color differentiations.
    4. Stained areas will fade differently and at a different rate than unstained areas, exaserbating the problem.

    If you can't afford to refinish the floors now, leave them be until you can. You'll be glad you did.
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