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    Default Pine Floor Discoloration

    This may be a paint/fininishing question rather that flooring but....... we'll see.

    Our daughter and son-in-law have purchased a home with wonderful pine floors throughout the common areas. The problem is a common one; where there were area rugs, the floor is considerably lighter than those areas which have aged with exposure over the years. There is not a huge difference but certainly enough to notice. Being a young couple with limited financial resources refinishing the floors throughout is not an option. Might there be a way of "feathering in" a stain product, i.e a Minwax Gel stain, in the ligter areas. Any existing sealer which may be on the floor is an unknown entity; however it does not appear to be a hard-coat or high-gloss poly.

    Suggestions as to a SIMPLE way to address the problem would be greatly appreciated!
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