Have moved back into my childhood home after my folks passsed away. My father had the house built on a hillside in Los Angeles in 1966. The stucco on the lower 5'+ of the house is coming off and I see that it looks as if ground moisture is leaching underneath the stucco. It's not just the paint over the stucco peeling. I can't afford to have the inside & outside foundation cleared and re-sealed. Plus we'd have to demo the concrete stairs coing down the side of the house. Stripping, resealing & restucco? For the age of the house, it took almost 40 years for the problem to start showing. It needs to breath. Will siding breath? I think I need to strip the stucco off the areas and let it air out durring the summer months, then do some sort of fix on the lower third of the house before the winter months. Being on a hillside, the soil stays damp for much longer than most areas in the city. We may or may not keep the house, but I want to do the best job I can with a limited budget. Thank you.