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    Default Replacing fluorescent fixture

    I have two, four foot T12 light strips (fixtures). I've been slowly learning how to replace these. I got new ones, but can't figure out how to get the hard plastic grommet for the feed wires going into the existing strip. The thing is very ridgid. Attached is a jpg. Well, it would be if this would take it. I tweaked this jpg file into an itty bitty pic that I can upload to all other forums. Also got a small aluminum clip or sumpthin in a small platic bag next to the ballast with the new one. No idea what that's for. Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Replacing fluorescent fixture

    Turn the power to the fixtures off.
    Pry the grommet out with a pair of pliers, but don't damage the wires. On the new fixture install new ones.

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    Default Re: Replacing fluorescent fixture

    If the existing fixtures are OK (that is, the new ones look the same as the old), it's often easier and cheaper to replace only the ballast. The fixture body and sockets are interchangeable for T12 and T8, but the ballasts are different.
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