Hi! We've been slowly-but-surely trying to restore the modest old 1920 house we bought last April, learning as we go. We've been tackling round one of Humans vs. Old Paint this summer, and while prepping, I noticed something odd behind the first course of siding. Actually, I noticed it *falling* out from behind the siding... Anyway, there's a weird cement "plug" that was fitted up underneath the bottom edge of that first course of cedar. It's definitely not part of the basement concrete, and it's a continuous strip about one-and-a-half inches in height that seems to run most of the way around the house. It's deteriorating pretty badly in places, and I'm trying to figure out if I should replace or repair it, or dig it all out. Like I said, we're learning as we go, so I have no idea if this cement shelf is the way they did things back in 1920, or if it's a later, jinky add-on that I should probably remove for the health of my house. Any ideas? Thanks!