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    Question Steam Boiler - No Hot Water in A.M.

    Hello, everyone.

    Our steam boiler's aquastat is set to 140 degrees, yet in the morning we are not getting any hot water unless we turn up our heat (we turn the thermostat up to 65 degrees). We let the water run for five minutes or so and it is still cold. Turning on the heat solves the problem.

    I just double-checked this by running my faucet for about three minutes. Nothing but cold water. Again, turning on the heat gives us hot water.

    Does anyone know what is going on with my steam boiler?


    Erik Haan

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    Default Re: Steam Boiler - No Hot Water in A.M.

    Problem solved!

    Our boiler needed a new aquastat. The other was telling our boiler the water was hot when it wasn't, which is why we wouldn't get hot water without our heat kicking on.

    Here's the new aquastat:

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