I recently moved into an old red brick building and have hung a couple heavy items--a flat-screen TV and a cabinet full of paint, solvents, and other liquids--on the brick walls. (In one case the brick was exposed; in another, it had been covered with drywall.) From what I've read, a pro would probably use a metal sleeve anchor in these cases, but I used Tapcon screws, since I'll need to remove the fixtures when I vacate. Confast provides weight ratings for concrete and hollow block, both of which are more than adequate for my purposes, but they don't have numbers for brick. Also, I noticed that the cabinet isn't airtight against the wall at all screw locations (i.e. I can squeeze a stiff putty knife back there). Do y'all think I'm okay with the Tapcon screws? Or should I replace them with sleeve anchors, drill the holes extra deep, and then push the anchors into the wall when I leave? Any other advice on fastening to brick?