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    Default Paneling garage interior when you don't have time to really salvage?

    I’m converting a 1940’s garage into a study/guest house, and would appreciate ideas for creating a rustic, antique-looking wall treatment that’s lower cost. The space is about 25’ X 14’

    I thought I would glue solid foam insulation between the (now) exposed studs, then attach what looks like planks over that. (To really cobble 2'X4's (?) all over the walls like I think they used to would be costly.)

    I never thought I'd be asking a cheesy question like this, but is plywood ripped into strips the way to go? They probably wouldn’t give much of an appearance of thickness…which is partly what seems to give those old types of boarded-up walls a chunky, industrial look.

    Here’s two inspiration pictures. The 2nd is what I’d really like (the back wall with the window) but the wider, more paneled look in the top one would be okay, too.

    Thanks for any ideas! I’ve done light carpentry around the house and replastering, but this is the first self-contained space I’ll be doing a (basically cosmetic) remodel on.

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