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    Default what to do? 1950 uninsulated ranch w/ moisture problem

    My house is a 1950 uninsulated block ranch. Attic is well insulated and
    vented. Windows are double paned.
    We have a problem with moisture. Once it gets cold, we have heavy window
    condensation, spots of mold will form in the corners of our plaster walls
    and behind pictures, etc. In one room we took down the plaster to the bare
    block and painted it with a sealer (dry lock?) put in 1/2 " styrofoam
    insulation and then sheet rocked the walls. That did take care of the mold
    on wall issue but not the condensation problem on the windows.

    What should I do about this? This is what we are considering doing.
    Installing furring strips over the stucco, then styrofoam insulation, then
    wrapping the house with a house wrap, then siding with vinyl siding. Do
    you think this is the way to go? Would there be a problem installing the
    house wrap on the exterior of the house? If not, would there be a problem placing the barrier over the insulation rather than in front of it? If the vapor barrier was installed on the stucco then the nails for the furring strips would poke holes in the vapor barrier. The
    house is cement block under the stucco I don't think there is another way? We don't want to have to gut the interior of the whole house.
    I would appreciate your expert advice, thank you in advance. Lori
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