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The wood blocks in the brick wall were there when the wall was constructed they are called nailers and used to hols furring to the brick walls than wood lath was nailed to the furring.
The wood blocking should be either 16 inch or maybe up to 24 inches apart horizonal and up to 4 Ft vertical.
The other type of nailers were called mule boards and were placed in place of a brick course horizonally about every 4 ft. and furring strips nailed to the mule boards than the wood lath.
As for repair to the old Historical brick for repointing the joints and parging I would recommend that a soft mortar be used.
I would say 350 PSI Type O " Mortar but no stronger than 750 PSI Type " N " Mortar.
You could also use NHL mortar ( Natural Hydralic Lime )it comes in Type 2 3 & 5 2 being the lower psi
Thanks Clarence!

Just one last question can i remove the small blocks since I will not be nailing anything across the wall? And most importantly can I skim coat the entire walls using the mortars you listed above? I would like a smooth flat surface when I begin framing the walls. Also, if skim coating is possible do you have any suggestions to make the job easier?