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    Default Gas Fireplace No Worky

    I have a gas log fireplace. It is seldom used because it is just a waste of gas and gives off little heat.

    Anyway, It is nice for ambience and I have an ambience situation coming up.

    I went to fire it up last night and she would not fire up. It has a standing pilot light and a wall switch to turn it on or off. The pilot light is burning just fine.

    Any ideas?

    Signed: Clueless in Denver. In a major spring snowstorm.

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    Default Re: Gas Fireplace No Worky

    With the gas valve knob in the ON position there should be 20 + mv DC being supplied to the wall switch.

    You could try jumping the 2 wires at the wall switch or at the TH/TP terminals ( i believe that's the labeling ) on the control.
    If it doesn't fire up ...... then with the 2 wires jumped .... tap the valve with the butt end of a screw driver and see if it fires.

    just a thought.

    btw .... didn't this happen a while back ??
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    Default Re: Gas Fireplace No Worky

    There were intermittent problems in the past.......

    I broke out a meter which I really did not want to do…..

    Turns out it was a bad high limit switch but I beat on it a bit and she fired up.

    My ambience moment may just be saved.

    Hey! Though. You were right on the terminal designations!

    If it goes out during my ambience moment I plan on just saying, “Excuse me while I beat on my high limit switch.”

    I figure that should do it.

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