I live in the Houston area and we do not have a lot of history in our City and surrounding areas. My husband and I have always wanted an old house we could fix up and enjoy but we also like living on acreage. We have yet to find a perfect place. We went ahead and purchased 30 acres and are trying to decide whether to build new or find an older house that is not big enough and renovate. What is your advice. We found a house in a small suberb of Houston that is being moved to make room for a much bigger newer house! It will be $40k to move and the house itself is included in the cost. The house is 2 bedroom and 1 bath with 1200 sq ft. We are in need of at least 2500 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. I hate the thought of building new because you dont get the charm that comes with an older house, but I also want to keep this thing cost effective. Can you give us some advice?