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    Default new siding for 1890s house with 4 existing layers

    We need advice about new siding for our 1890s house. The house has 4 layers of siding (from the newest to the oldest): 4. aluminum;
    3. thin boards of some kind of material (might be asbestos based);
    2. wood shingles; 1. original wood clapboard.
    We are thinking of updating exterior of the house and making it look more appropriate to the time it was built. We sure want to remove aluminum but not sure about the rest of the layers. One of the builders we asked said that the wood layers are not in a good condition to be exposed and suggested to remove all of the layers+put house-wrap + new fiber cement siding. The house has rock stone foundation and dirt floor crawl spaces under some areas. The house is located in the suburbs of New York City.
    Please-please help us to do it right.

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    Default Re: new siding for 1890s house with 4 existing layers

    removing it all is the way to go but you have to keep a few things in mind. this is exactly what "opening a can of worms" might very well mean. you'll also have to possibly contend with a whole host of issues beyond just the siding.

    insulation in the walls
    damaged sheathing
    window trim replacement
    window sill replacement
    insect damage to sheathing, sill or studs
    water damage to sheathing sill or studs
    corner board issues or replacement
    fascia or rake board issues or replacement

    you might very well be stripping your house down to nothing on the outside and while it's all exposed it's basically pointless not to fix all the issues that might arise.

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