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    Post Removing Linseed from Wood Floors - Fire Hazard??

    HI Folks,

    Here is the situation: We're in the midst of trying to remove linseed from our 100 year old wood floors. The person who had applied it over 10 years ago poured on too much. It is in great black, sticky patches all over our second floor. We've been going at it with turpentine, but unless we use a paint sc****r and a hand orbital sander, it just isn't coming up. We had rented a power sander from HD, but it isn't getting the gunk up.

    Now we have turpentine all over the floors from yesterday. Is it safe to run big orbital sander from HD over it? The windows were open all night, but you can still smell turpentine. We don't want any "spontaneous combustion". Should we scrub the floors with soap and water and dry it before the sander?

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