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    Question Cutting snap-together cork flooring into separate rooms

    In the upstairs of our house we have 4 bedrooms connected by an L-shaped hallway; two years ago we replaced the floor with snap-together floating cork flooring, and did the entire floor as one big connected unit (no gaps) because the salesman assured me it would be fine. Of course it isn't - in the summer when the humidity drops, we get gaps because the floor can't shrink properly because of all the doorways and such.

    So I thought I would be clever, and cut slits in the floor in doorways to separate the floor into separate chunks (with thresholds to cover the gaps). I was able to cut the slits successfully, but now can't seem to get rid of the gaps. I can't figure out how to hit the edge of the floor pieces hard enough to get them to reconnect without breaking it.

    I'm really hoping I don't need to pull out the floor moulding and disconnect the slabs of floor so that I can reconnect them properly!

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    Boulder, CO

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    Default Re: Cutting snap-together cork flooring into separate rooms

    Photos will help. Load up photos at photobucket and give us the link.

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    Default Re: Cutting snap-together cork flooring into separate rooms

    Unfortunately, the annoying forum software won't let me post an image since I'm new to the forum.

    You can find my pictures here:
    https [slash] 102298937329413148932
    [questionmark] authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLyq3NmOv6uT_wE&feat=dire ctlink

    You can see the L-shaped hallway which has 4 bedrooms off it (3 are visible), and you can see the brass thresholds covering where I recently cut the tiles at the doorways. Where the floor hits the top of the stairs it's glued down which of course makes the whole problem worse.

    We live in Colorado which is extremely dry, in the winter we run a whole-house humidifer which I believe is when the tiles expand - although maybe this problem is just post-manufacturing shrinkage, I will watch the gap closely this winter to see what it does.

    The tiles are like 1' x 3' and snap together when you put them at an angle. Flat on the floor they aren't designed to come apart (and thus not designed to easily snap back together either).

    Does this help?


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