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    Default Recommended Oil Based Poly

    I'm going to be refinishing my hardwood floors in my new home and was wondering what kind of polyurathane would be the best quality. I'm not going to be staining the wood since I like the natural finish and amber glow oil based poly is supose to give oak floors, like I have. Any recommendations? I would liketo go with something a little nicer than Minwax or stuff you can get just at home depot,but nothing that is impossible to find. Does Sherwin Williams have anything nice? Also, any tips on how to apply the poly with the best results would be great (tools to use, prep required, etc).

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    Default Re: Recommended Oil Based Poly

    The only one I use is OldMasters poly.

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    Default Re: Recommended Oil Based Poly

    We refinish a lot of floors with our restoration company and my absolute favorite poly is Fabulon. It levels out better than any of the others to prevent brush strokes and gives such a nice finish.

    As far as finishing your own floors. It is a difficult task if you haven't done it before. More of an art than a science. My head refinished is a 3rd generation refinisher and even as the owner I trust his opinion more than my own.

    My advice, if you are going to go it alone find a TON of articles and videos ****** about refinishing the floors to find all the pitfalls and things to be careful off. There's a lot to learn.

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