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    Default switching out a gas water heater for electric

    My gas water heater hasn't worked in quite a while, and I was wondering how difficult it is to switch out a gas water heater for electric? Is this an expensive proposition? Thanks!

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    Default Re: switching out a gas water heater for electric

    If your gas water heater hasn't worked in some time, why won't you just replace it with a new gas water heater?

    That would be a lot cheaper than replacing it with an electric water heater, assuming that it's natural gas. At this point you don't know if you have the capacity for it in your panel.

    generally speaking natural gas is also cheaper to operate, even though it costs a little more initially (about $100 more) than an electric water heater.

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    Default Re: switching out a gas water heater for electric

    It depends on whether you have adequate wiring to the area where your water heater is. If you don't, this could get very expensive as you will need the correct size wire and correct plug. You might even have to upgrade your electric service panel to accommodate this.

    An electric hot water heater will run $50-90/month for a family of 4, depending on your local rates. A gas hot water heater is usually about half this, unless you are using propane instead of natural gas.

    Something to consider is the condition of your home's HVAC system. If that is about at the end of its service life, you might look into a complete package that integrates a high efficiency HVAC system with the hot water. That can help lower your total utility bills, especially in winter.

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