My girlfriend and I Just had a new deck put up and were planning on staining it this fall. Well, I threw a birthday party for her and had streamers wrapped around the top rails and never stopped to think about the dew during the night making the dye bleed onto the wood staining it bad.So I tried cleaning it with deck cleaner (which is not much more than bleach water) and it took it away leaving it much lighter than the rest of the wood and when it gets wet the dye shows up again.My other thought was to sand it which will also lighten it up. She wants to go with a light semi transparent stain to maintain the look of the wood grain etc. I'm quite positive that sanding it then staining it you will see a difference in color due to the wood being lighter where sanded. I was told about a product that would bring it back to it's natural color but seems too good to be true. I'm sick to my stomach over this whole thing can you please tell me if there is anything that I can possibly do. I must say that I was very impressed with your site on deck staining preparation etc.