I just bought my first home and it came with these great hardwood floors throughout (about 1300 sq ft), but they look like they could use some attention, and I'm not sure what method would be best. It looks mostly like there is some where in the finish in high traffic areas, a few water spots in the dining room by the sliding door, dirt build up from where furniture was, and finally some paint splatering in the mater bedroom (quite a bit actually). From what I've read my options are completely refinishing the floors, with mutliple sandings and apply all new poly. I have also read about buffing the floors, which would take care of minor scratches, but I don't know about water, paint and dirt. Then when I was at Home Depot last, a guy recommended using a rejeuvenating cleaner and anotherproduct to take care of the paint. I've read a lot about how you should only clean floors with water and maybe some vingar in the water, but I don'tknow if that is for floors that are already in good condition. I was also reading about a product called BONA from a floor porfessional's website in my area that is all he recommends. I would love if if I could get my floors looking great with only cleaning since it is easier and less costly than the other two options. However if that doesn't work I don't know when option of sanding vs buffing I would need. Does anyone have any ideas, or recommendations? I just really don't want to do something that will makes my floord worse, but I can't afford to pay a professional to do them.