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    Default Looking for Adapter: Ceiling Light side mounted recessed light -1940's kitchen

    We're looking for an adapter to retrofit our 1940's era kitchen kitchen light. We want to add two pendant lights in the ceiling, that would flank our kitchen sink, but we're hoping to not have to rewire the whole thing.

    The current light has a square box type ballast that is inset into the ceiling with a fold down glass cover mounted over it -- but the single light socket is on the side of the squared area, not pointed down from the ceiling. Current adapters don't seem to allow for this arrangement.

    Is there some sort of simple screw in adapter available so that we can then add another type of adapter to make two extended hanging pendant lights, probably of the trak lighting type? Thank you for any and all advice.
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    Default Re: Looking for Adapter: Ceiling Light side mounted recessed light -1940's kitchen

    Not quite what you mean, could you send a picture?

    Also, even fixtures supplied by small manufacturers must be listed by a NRTL (nationally recognized testing lab, like UL, CSA etc), by Code so maybe a new fixture would be easier & safer.
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