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    Default stuck on new foundation

    Ok, I am really stuck and need advice. Winter is coming and I don't have much time here in Idaho. I have just begun building a foundation under my 1867 house that was built without one. Each room was an addition to the original house which was just one room (my kitchen). I chose to start with the spare bedroom which is on the SE corner of the house. The SE corner of the room raises fairly easily and I have plenty of room even now after I have poured the 9" thick footer and laid 3 rows of concrete blocks. The NE corner, though, is attached to the rest of the house and seems to be impossible to raise. I can't even get my fingers in between the top of the blocks (which I still have to fill with concrete) and the bottom of the beam that I installed to support that outside wall when I picked it up off the ground. I don't have enough room to get the pressure treated sill plate in the space I have left and I still need to get the lag bolts in there, too. I have tried to raise it more, but it's cracking or threatening to crack the new floor joists I put in and/or the wall itself. Any suggestions?
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