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    Default enginered wood flooring

    I recently posted a question about this.I have further question.Mr Spruce is it wise to install this as a floating floor if I remove the base boards.What keeps the flooring from separating from each other.And if the floor is glued down how do you install vapor barrier.Which is the best? You said in answer to my first post I would probably need vapor barrier and pad. Some of the flooring I have looked at has a thin rubber pad on the back. I assume I install the barrier and then the pad or use the padding that is already on the flooring.I was told also that by removing the base board it would be a much cleaner look. I tried to send a private message to you but I do not know how to operate this computer.My email is tggringo45@gmail.com.I also wanted to ask about filling slight crack in kitchen floor from settlement before I put non ceramic tiles in the kitchen.Non ceramic I say because I do not know how to spell lenolium .
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