Hi there,

I have a 90 year old home and I have just finished gutting the basement so I can now begin thinking about how to "finish" it. I have noticed that the original floor varies in its condition, level and smoothness. I would like to level it and give it a smooth finish. At the moment, I do not want to put any type of flooring down (carpet, tile, etc.). Someone told me to use the concrete floor leveling compound to level it out and give it a smooth finish, but can I use that as a permanent floor? It seemed to me after my research, that the floor leveling concrete is only used if you are putting a sub-floor, etc. on after.

Breaking apart the old floor and re-pouring is not an option. I am also looking to smoothen out the walls too, but I figured one thing at a time...

Any recommendations as to where I should begin??? Thanks.