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    Default fix plaser over terracotta block

    I have a 1900 hollywood hacienda with terracotta block exterior walls that are peeling. what type of plaster or product would be the best to fix this issue. Thanks


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    Default Re: fix plaser over terracotta block

    If the terracotta tile is a standard tile they can be antwhere from 2 inches to 12 inches wide and most were 12 inches sq.
    They were placed using mortar mix.
    The exterior most commend was stucco.
    The interior was plaster.
    If the peeling is the Stucco I would think you have a water leak.
    To repair use a like material ( portland cement ) for the repair.
    The tradsman called these speed tile do to the fact that you could finish the exterior and interior walls at the same time.
    And in some cases using the same trade for all the work.

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