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    Default Low area in front yard

    I have a very low area in front yard here in Houston area.During last years drought what grass was there died and is now covered with weeds.I want to level the 10x10 area and plant new St Augustine squares.What type of soil should be used to level the area and lay the squares on? What should be done with weeds-weed killer first.

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    - To level the area use clean dirt. Prepare irrigation pipes and sprinklers (if needed).
    - Top soil can go on top of the dirt (at least 3-4").
    - Then you put your fertilizers and pre-sod treatment, according to the sod company's instructions.
    - Compact with a sod roller.
    - install the grass. Compact. Water a lot for the first 7-10 days.

    Don't install sod when the weather is hot. Wait till it cools down a bit.

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    Default Re: Low area in front yard

    In the meantime, keep the weeds mowed so they don't seed. About a week before you order in some screened topsoil, apply Roundup or similar. Don't add dirt above the level of surrounding area to prevent adding a drainage problem if the water flows through that location.

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