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Thread: bulb problems

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    Default bulb problems

    One of my parking lights has died. I have a replacement bulb. Its in a really awkward position and searching here suggests its easier to remove the whole light assembly.

    I tried that... but I can't unhook the wiring clip for the indicator... what the $#$ is the trick with that?

    I also have to replace one of my licence plate lights. I put led strip lighting in there last year and one has died already. Whats the trick with getting these light holders out? When I put the led light in, I broke one getting the plastic surround out of the bumper. I got my smash repair dude to do the other and he broke that one too.

    Now I have to change one... and guess what, only one half of the surround wants to come loose. Looks like I'm about to bust the 3rd in just over 12 months.

    As I'll be paying some mechanic to change my parking light tomorrow, I may as well pay him to break the licence plate led ceiling fan lights holder as well.
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    Default Re: bulb problems

    Myong, sorry to hear you're having trouble. Sometimes I wrap several layers of masking tape around to remove it. I get a better grip and if it shatters I won't get cut.

    If all else fails ask the mechanic to show you how it's done. Bulbs don't last long.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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