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    Default best picture hanging hardware?

    I just moved into a new home and plan to put a lot of pictures up on the wall. Any recommendations on the best mounting hardware to use? I'm looking for something that won't totally mess up my walls but also is easy to install. And, of course, that can handle the weight of the various frames. thanks.

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    Default Re: best picture hanging hardware?

    Get yourself an assortment of picture hanging hooks. The packaging indicates the max lbs rating and follow the instructions. If it says 20 lbs max, don't hang a picture that weighs 18 lbs on it.

    Hint: it's always better to use two hooks, about 6"-8" apart so that the pictures stay leveled.

    Where is the Picasso going? If there's no space for it, you can lend it to me.

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    Default Re: best picture hanging hardware?

    You can do what many museums do, hang pictures from long rail near ceiling. Easy change out, rearranging of pictures. A few holes up high to patch when you move out, instead of a lot down at eye level. A piece of crwn molding or similar, inch or so down from ceiling. 3" screw thru molding into studs. 2 hooks per picture over molding, high test nylon thin fishing line in a loop from hooks, two hangers on back of picture over loop.

    Or dj's kit, the nails are pretty small. But don't send him the Picasso, he only has 8 lb hooks, I got some 6" 3/4 lag screws that i been looking for a use for. No landlord, I won't mind the holes. Don't tell Pablo i put a screw thru hispicture.

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    Default Re: best picture hanging hardware?

    e-z anchors with screws work best in drywall. way more holding power than tiny little nails which install hooks
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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