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    Default bathroom lighting

    i have a light bar above my double sinks, i want individual lighting over each sink. is there an easy way to do this? special brackets or anything? Can i run a splitter from the single light connection to split for the two lights? I imagine i need to run to and connect to stud mounted boxes?

    newbe ray

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    Default Re: bathroom lighting

    You're right, splicing is allowed only inside boxes.

    Your existing box will stay, and just add a box or two where you want them. Attach the new boxes to studs. Splice the wires and run them to the new boxes. If you have to run through studs, you'll need to drill through them (use a long drill bit and a fish wire to get it done. You'll need to cut some drywall for access).

    Degree of difficulty: moderate.

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    Default Re: bathroom lighting

    You might find it easier to go up to the attic space above then down to the new location.

    If there is attic space above.

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    Default Re: bathroom lighting

    if there's anough slack in the wire, remove the existing box. cut two holes where you want the new fixtures to go. run the existing wire to one of them and then new wire from that hole to the other one. then use two "old work" boxes to mount the new light fixtures and patch up the old original hole.

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    Default Re: bathroom lighting

    Another method is to notch out a section of stud lay the new wire, (from existing box to the new box) in and place a "nail plate" over the wire to protect it.

    The new box as already mentioned can be an "old work box" which does not have to mounted to a stud.

    Then plaster over the notched area.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon, Hidden Content

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