Hello all!

I'm looking for any insulation advice and direction. My house is an old beach cottage style (no insulation...anywhere) home, built back in 1948. Typically the weather is fairly comfortable where I live, typically mid-to high 70's during the day in the summer, dropping to mid to high 50's in the winter.

Unfortunately during the summer it's much hotter in our home than outside, and the same goes for the winter, it's cooler inside than the temperatures outside. We installed heating last year, which works great, but we know we're wasting heat energy during the winter.

In addition - the home gets very warm in the summer. As example, it's 74 degrees outside today, but our inside temperature - even with all the windows open, is 88.

We're going to insulate our attic, as it get's incredibly hot up there, and we figure the best place to start with insulation is the attic.

I've received two quotes for insulation, both suggesting R30 insulation. The quotes are fairly similar, and I have one more coming later this week, but before I agree to anything, is there anything in particular I should be focusing on?

Thank you!