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    Default Killing a tree and vine

    After the freak snowstorm last year in October a number of trees had been damaged on my property. A couple have suffered so severely that I decided to take them down and landscape around them.

    My question; I wish to simply cut the ornamental tree down to ground level, leave the stump and let it rot away. What can I use to do that and speed up the death of the root system ? I don't want it to sprout new shoots or suckers, and I don't want to dig out the stump.

    I also have a tremendously vigorous, invasive, trumpet vine which I also wish to get rid of. This thing seems to be popping up shoots everywhere.

    Thanks ! Brian

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    Default Re: Killing a tree and vine


    1- There is very little you can do about the stump. Ignore it and live life while the wee beasties do their work.

    2- become talented with a hand held sprayer and Roundup. Spraying every few weeks will become routine. 1/4 cup per gallon.

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    Default Re: Killing a tree and vine

    Round-up should take care of the vine, and there are a number of stump treatments designed to break the stump down more quickly.
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    Default Re: Killing a tree and vine

    Copper will kill a stump. Take a plumbing copper coupling, hammer it into the stump and wait. It's not going to happen instantly, but it will happen. In the meantime, cut all new shoots as they appear, don't let them grow much.

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