I am suffering from the age old complaint of low water pressure in the showers and everywhere else. We have basically learned to not do things like flush the toilet when someone is taking a shower if you don’t want to hear a lot of yelling.

I am on a well and have an 11 year old Culligan water conditioning system which I religiously have serviced by Culligan every year. This problem did not start when the conditioning system was installed, rather I believe it gradually declined over the years.

My Culligan rep recommended the following: 1) Refurbish the current Culligan System, 2) Replace the pressure tank with a Well X Trol WX302 86 Gallon Tank and 3) Install a Grundfos ¾ HP Whole House Booster after the Culligan system.
Does this all make sense? Seems kind of strange to “pull” water through the conditioner with the booster pump. Is this the right way to solve my problem?

Fyi, I ran the following test. In the whirlpool tub in the master bath which has a large faucet spout, I timed filling a 5 gallon bucket with cold water then I put the Culligan system in bypass and timed it again. With the conditioner in line – 81 seconds. With the conditioner in by-pass – 50 seconds. Seems like I am getting a 40% pressure hit through that system.

Current System Details
House – 4,000 Sq Ft living space with 2.5 baths, 22 years old
Plumbing – original ¾” rigid copper distribution
Well Pump – Goulds 5GS07422 ¾ HP, 12 years old
Pressure Tank – Well-Rite WR140-01 44 Gallon, 22 years old
Pressure Switch – 20/40, replaced a few years ago
Filter/Conditioner – Culligan Cullneu, 11 years old