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    Default fixing prior bad repairs

    The previous owner of my house painted before moving out. Instead of repairing nail and screw holes in the interior walls in the usual manner, it looks like he pounded them semi-flush, put on a little spackle, and painted directly over them. This has left dozens of raised bumps along the walls that are very visible and very ugly.

    I know how to fix nail holes, but have no idea what to do about holes that have been ruined like this. Should I try to dig them out? Or would it be better to push the screws and nails deeper into the drywall and patch a slightly larger hole?

    Is this even fixable by me or should I crack and hire somebody?

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    Default Re: fixing prior bad repairs

    Pull the nails out (using a putty knife) and fill the holes. This time you won't have any mounds. Why push the nails in and create bigger holes to fill?

    When you're talking about drywall nails, replace with screws.

    Sand, re-do where needed, sand and paint.
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    Default Re: fixing prior bad repairs

    Dry wall screws dont pop, nails do. Put screws in where ever you see a patch. Pull the nails and patch both places. Sand, primer and paint. This is very normal for newer homes but check to see why they may have popped. There could be some other problems.

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    Default Re: fixing prior bad repairs

    If you are good at using a 6" tapers knife then why not just pound them bumps back in the wall then fill in with some Durabond easy sand. Pound with hammer in one hand then fill with the other. Easy. Then of course once it is dried lightly sand and prime patches.

    ALso is the wall Flat paint? Usually flat hides alot of imperfections as opposed to Semi.

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