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    Default Carpenter Ant Damage To Wall Stud

    I just started replacing clapboard on my house only to find a major infestitation of carpenter ants after removing some of the sheathing where it had rotted away from the runoff from a drain spout. Yes that will be fixed.

    One of the studs behind the sheathing was damaged by the ants, but the carpenter I had working on the house said the 2x4 stud was still good; that the major 3.5" of the stud width was still good.

    With the extermination completed, he will be replacing the sheathing, installing Tyvek and new clapboard.

    Given there was some damage to the stud and one of the garage roof joists for the attached garage, is there anything else that should be done with the damaged wood to avoid its further deteriation over time?? Or is buttoning it up as planned sufficient based on my carpenter's recommendation?


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    Default Re: Carpenter Ant Damage To Wall Stud

    Not a pro here but if I were in your situation i would have an exterminator treat the exposed wood if they havent already or buy the spray and treat the area myself. The key is what caused them to pick that spot, is there somewhere else that they may have moved to, and will they be back?

    After making sure the home has been treated I would at minimum sister a 2x4 to the existing. If the ants attacked the wood, there may be little visible damage but the point is that it is still weaker than it originally was. I would especially pay attention to the roof joist that you mention. Again if the damage is minimal, I would try one of those epoxy injection kits that can be used to fill and strengthen any areas that the ants have gotten to.
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    Default Re: Carpenter Ant Damage To Wall Stud

    I would definitly take this up with your carpenter they will know what to do! hope all works out.

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