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    Question Framing question

    I was hoping I could get some help here without going to a architect. I installed 2 micro lam beams that are 9"5inch wide, 2in thick, and 16ft long. The beams are holding 11 joists one side the joists go out 13ft on 1 side, and the other side goes11ft. This is holding up the second floor where there are 2 bathrooms. The Micro lam beam has bent a little so I wanted to re-support with a steel fitch beam. My question is which size steel fitch beam is best, 1/2in or 5/8th?

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    No, you don't; not without a structural engineer. You muffed it the first time, now do it right. 16' is a long span for a summer beam that's only 10" deep. I'm guessing this is a flush beam? You want to take one side off, add steel (3/8?; 1/2?; 3/4?) in the middle, recut all the joists on one side and then cap the second LVL back on, then bolt the whole thing together with carriage bolts to the pattern determined by the PE.
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