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    Default Re: whats the problem

    Thanks to all those who replied to my problem.Your input was very much appreciated. As it turns out I had a leak in a coil which is still under warranty. THANKS AGAIN


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    Default Re: whats the problem

    We live in a house built in 1921.

    Before we replaced the heat pump and exchanger, we had our local power company come out and do an energy audit. They recommended another 3 inches of blown-in insulation in the attic as it had settled since that last install. They windows are aluminum from the previous owner, and they recommended replacement or UV protection window film to get by for awhile. They gave is flourescent bulbs and $100 credit as a gift.

    It was extremely important to have the size of the heat pump adequate to the size and style of the house. We have a 4-ton, 16 SEER American Standard unit that is more than adequate to combat Florida heat and humidity. Our house is 2,147 sq ft with one upstairs bed and bath.

    We've mostly replaced out bulbs with flourescent to cut down on heat and energy usage.

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    Unhappy Bad smell from the HVAC

    The HVAC in the first floor has a bad smell when is on. The A/C installer and a local plumbing company couldn't find the source of the bad smell. The house is seven years old and it came with a swamp cooler A/C. Now it has refrigerated, but the bad smell continues. Please advice/help!!!

    Antonio Chavez

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