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    Exclamation My foundation is failing. How do I choose the right fix???

    I have a 57 year old ranch with a basement and over the years a huge crack has developed across the basement. The back of the house does not have the frost line 4' below grade, it's about 6 ". I believe due to frost heaves- I'm in Massachusetts- it has caused a portion of the footing to sink and because the floor on that side of the house is only about 2" thick, it has cracked and shifted that part of the basement. I have got a ton of quotes, all with different solutions, the majority, which are VERY expensive. How do I know who has the right answer? Instead of underpinning and piers etc, couldn't I just have landscapers fill 4' of soil around the back, put in drainage and jack slab the floor????? Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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    Default Re: My foundation is failing. How do I choose the right fix???

    what part of mass are you in? i'd be happy to come by (if you're not too far) and give you an unbiased opinion. i do alot of structural work. no estimate, no obligation. just figure out what happened and what the best solution is. just having a landscaper redo the exterior with drainage might be a fix but i wouldn't count on it. something major is going on to do that much damage, frost heaving is a definite possibility but with a good examination i should be able to figure it out. i'm a licensed contractor and licensed home inspector specializing in antique homes and structural repair. if you want to email me directly my email is

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    Default Re: My foundation is failing. How do I choose the right fix???

    Your foundation is falling because of the accumulation of water in the basement.The first thing you should do is basement waterproofing. The next step you should install ventilation so that air can circulate in whole house.

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