I need to replace a wood patio that is becoming a safety concern and don't have a lot of money to do it. I like low maintenance, able to withstand high traffic and easy to clean off. We have two small children that like to play out there, chickens, and trees that drop stuff year round.
I would love pavers or some type of stone, but they are expensive and we live in an area with very sandy soil so patios I have seen don't seem to settle well over time here.
I have come to think that a concrete slab (while not aesthetically the best) would be best for us. But I wanted to ask if there is anything I haven't thought of before we pour a large area of concrete that would be difficult to remove.
I have some smallish river stone that I was going to use to set in the concrete around the edges to give it some aesthetic appeal. Not sure if that is a good idea either.