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    Hi again,
    Might someone tell me how to evaluate my retaining wall. It is 6 inches thick retaining cold wall that holds bushes and goes down toward a garage. It has a crack right through the wall from top to bottom and the surface of cement is breaking off in large chunks. When would I consider redoing a whole new wall or can I fix this problem as a foundation crack would be repaired . Thanks for your answer.
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    A photo will help. You can upload a photo via photobucket.

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    So, the wall is made of concete blocks with a stucco finish?

    I would suggest patching the crack, and then using a surface bonding mix - sorta like stucco but it has fibers in it for strength - to recoat the wall.

    This is a temporary fix that will hold you for awhile. You most likely have an excessive amount of hydrostatic pressure on the wall and you'll eventually have to rebuild it using correct techniques for a retention wall.

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    Id suggest you get a pro to take a look at it. Instead of spending money on a temporary fix you might as well get it permanently fixed.

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