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    Default Fiber Cement Shake Siding around windows

    I'm installing Maxitile Fiber Cement Shake (Straight Edge) Siding on a newly enclosed porch. (See the Maxitile website, MultiShakes for details) These are 16" x 48" panels with a 7" maximum exposure (so a 9" overlap). I'm blind nailing the overlap, then putting the next course on 7" above, and repeating the process.

    When I come to a window or the top of the wall, I assume that I have to cut off individual shakes to appropriate height to meet the trim at the top and cover the overlap on the previous course, but I'm not sure.

    My questions:

    1. Is there another way to do this besides cutting individual shakes and face-nailing? (The trim, 7/8 cedar, is already up)

    2. If I do have to face nail them, is there a way to hide the nail heads, or do I just live with them? Should I countersink those nail heads slightly and then cover them with fibercement patch?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Fiber Cement Shake Siding around windows

    I've never worked with this type of siding, but logically, it should not be any different than other types.

    Cover the top shingles with a trim or a metal L, like a drip edge, depending on the situation. Either one will hide the top nails.

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    Default Re: Fiber Cement Shake Siding around windows

    You will only be using loose partial tabs _under_ the windows and doors; above the windows and doors (use Z-flashing, natch) you will be cutting off some of the bottoms of the tabs to fit, but they will still be attached at the top to the body of the panel.
    You can't really countersink into FC, it will hold them too tight. We just touch-up painted the exposed nail heads.
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