I'm installing Maxitile Fiber Cement Shake (Straight Edge) Siding on a newly enclosed porch. (See the Maxitile website, MultiShakes for details) These are 16" x 48" panels with a 7" maximum exposure (so a 9" overlap). I'm blind nailing the overlap, then putting the next course on 7" above, and repeating the process.

When I come to a window or the top of the wall, I assume that I have to cut off individual shakes to appropriate height to meet the trim at the top and cover the overlap on the previous course, but I'm not sure.

My questions:

1. Is there another way to do this besides cutting individual shakes and face-nailing? (The trim, 7/8 cedar, is already up)

2. If I do have to face nail them, is there a way to hide the nail heads, or do I just live with them? Should I countersink those nail heads slightly and then cover them with fibercement patch?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.