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    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post

    Harbor Freight has been giving flashlights, like the ones you got at HD, for free (with an ad coupon). These lights are fine, because of their compact size and bright LED illumination.

    In 2006 I went to China, and I noticed those lights, which were sold everywhere. I got a couple of dozen of them, and gave them away as gifts. The funny thing is that I paid more than a buck each...Since then I went to China again and noticed the "new and improved" versions. I got the ones you can hang and the ones which are good for when you work under a sink.
    I first bought them at Frye's (Calif) for $4, then for about a buck last Christmas. The Harbor Freight one looks exactly the same. The problem is that I have several where the push button or inside spring went out of alignment, and brightness would be variable. I probably threw out a lot of AAA batteries not knowing whether the batteries were dead or some contact was out of alignment causing low bightness. They have 9 LED's.
    Frye's 16 LED (also 3 AAA) light is nice & compact and the switch seems more reliable (for $2 during Christmas).
    If only someone would take these cheap LED light boards and merge them with a nice machined tube body, Mag-Lite would need to be worried about competition.

    When Duracell was known as Mallory Coppertop,and before Ray-o-Vac & Everready were bought & sold 10-times by private equity, they had a leak guaranty -- any device damaged by leaking batteries was to be replaced.

    PS Speaking of China -- I remember paying $15-$20 for an enclosed CFL 20 years ago; it was the only way to get white light (EVERYTHING was warm 2700k). GE & Philips made FL40 and 22/32 circulines in the US, but the CFL's were mostly made in Japan as a high end product. Some guy in China found a cheaper way to make spiral glass and the rest is history. But I'm sure too many of their workers are getting exposed to mercury to pay for the $3 CFL's.
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